Triple constraint: track and quantify

In the triple constraint don't you think that quality is the most difficult one to track and quantify? Is there a method where on how you can quantify the quality metric?

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... the overall flow of the project.

Once the initial legwork is done, I think the scope is the easiest to track and quantify.

Now with regards to time, it is critical to track the progress of the project. If one department is behind, it can slow down the process for the entire project. What if you are waiting for a specific part of the project to get done, and then you scheduled an time on very busy expensive machine. If the project is delayed then you will miss your time on the machine, you might not be able to get time on it for a few days or weeks. And each day that the project is late will effect all departments. What if the marketing team is waiting for the end product to be able to market it? This could get delayed, which will delay the advertising efforts. As well, what if your project is delayed and then a competitor launches a similar project on the market.

I believe that time is the most difficult to track. It depends on so many factors and people. To quantify it, you need proper estimates of how long each task takes. You need to make sure that there ...