Chemistry Notation Questions

A) Provide the type of measurement (volume, length, temperature etc.) for the following units:

i) 298 K
ii) 65 mL
iii) 15 m
iv) 290 kg
v) 50 g

b) Write the following measurements in scientific notation:
i) 150000000 kg
ii) 0.28 L
iii) 0.00004 m

c) Answer whether the numbers in each of the following statements is measured or exact:
i) The Cambrian explosion occurred 545000000 years ago.
ii) 26 students went for the field trip.
iii) The number of microbes on a telephone is 25600.

d) State how many significant figures there are in each of the following measured quantities:
i) 18.000 m
ii) 52.80 L
iii) 7.0 X 10-14 kg

e) Round off each of the following numbers to two significant figures:
i) 66.666
ii) 0.0063424
iii) 9577

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