pressure and Dalton's Atomic Theory

Hydrogen gas is contained in a one-liter vessel at "STP"(0 degrees Celsius and 1 Std. Atm.). Flourine gas is contained in a second one-liter vessel at the same conditions of temperature and pressure. Then the two gases are forced into the same one-liter vessel, find:

1) The pressure in this vessel before reaction occurs (based on Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures).

2) By means of a spark, a reaction is initiated. After the reaction, the vessel contains no un-reacted Hydrogen or Flourine. Eventually, the temperature of the resulting gaseous product returns to 0 degrees C, but the pressure is measured to be exactly 2.0 Standard Atmospheres. How must the volume of the chamber containing the product be altered to bring the pressure of the product compound down to 1.0 Std. Atm.?

3) Using Avogadro's "Initial Hypothesis", find how many particles of gaseous product formed for each particle of Hydrogen gas.

4) Based on Dalton's Atomic Theory Postulates and Avogadro's initial hypothesis, write the balanced chemical reaction equation.

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... 2 ATM.
<br>2) Recall PV = constant for constant temperature. Therefore, in order to reduce the pressure by a factor of 2, the volume must be doubled.
<br>P1V1 = P2V2
<br>P1 = 2 ATM
<br>V1 = ...