Predicting and Identifying Chemical Reactions

Which chemicals will react together? Identify them based on reactions when the solutions are mixed. The solutions are:

- BaCl2
- Na2CO3
- Kl
- Na2SO4
- H2SO4
- Na2SO3
- NaCl
- AgNO3
- HCl

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Solution Preview

...lly, you don't have to consider the combinations you started with, e.g., you don't have to consider the combination Ba2+ and Cl-, because you have started with BaCl2 as one of your initial solutions.

4) Then, you need to consider which ions are likely to form insoluble compounds when mixed. To do this you need to consider the following:
a) Which positive ions form soluble compounds with almost all anions and can therefore be ignored? Hint, they are generally, but not invariably ions with a charge of +1.
b) Which positive ions form ...