Please draw the structure for trans -6- bromo- 3- cyano- 2- methyl- 4-octene.

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...the functionality (the double bond, denoted by the "ene") is given by the number directly in front of the last word - in this case it is the "4". So, to start with, we know that the molecule 4-octene would look something like: (H3C)(CH2)(CH2)(CH)(CH)(CH2)(CH2)(CH3)

You can see that the carbon-carbon double bond is between the 4th and 5th carbon atoms of the molecule. Now we can continue by reading from right to left along the name. The next word is "methyl", and the number indicating it's position is "2". A methyl group is a (CH3) group. It is attached in the "2" position, which is the second carbon atom from the left. This gives us the following molecule: ...