Determining the order of a chemical reaction using the dataset provided. Understanding first-order reaction kinetics and the concept of half-life. Attachments in Word.

In an aqueous solution, glucose decomposed according to the results shown below.
(a) Demonstrate that the reaction is first order.
(b) Calculate the rate constant for the decomposition process.
(c) Calculate the half-life (t1/2) for glucose under the specified conditions.

Glucose decomposition results:
Time (min), Glucose conc. (mM)
0, 28.0
22.5, 27.7
60, 27.1
120, 26.3
240, 24.5

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Solution Preview

..., x=t, and intercept=ln[G]o. Therefore, if the resulting plot is linear, we can say that the reaction is first order.

To make the following graph, I first calculated the ln[glucose] for the dataset shown in the question. Next, I plotted the ln[glucose] as a function of time. Finally, I used linear regression to fit the data to the expression y=slope*x+intercept.

In the graph, the black symbols are the ...