Kinetics and the Initial Rates Method with Multiple Approaches

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For the hypothetical complex reaction,
OX2 + Cl2 + 2NO --> N2O + 2ClO +X2,
where X is an unknown element, data was obtained from measurement of the initial rate of reaction at varying concentrations. The results of this kinetics investigation under similar temperatures and conditions are summarized in the table below.
Initial concentrations of reactants Initial Rate (in mmol L-1 s-1)
Exp [OX2] [Cl2] [NO] (d[N2O])/dt
1 0.150 M 0.100 M 0.100 M 2.63
2 0.150 M 0.200 M 0.100 M 10.5
3 0.250 M 0.100 M 0.200 M 4.38
4 0.350 M 0.200 M 0.200 M 24.5

Using the initial rates method, find the order with respect to each of the reactants. Then find the rate constant, k, for the overall reaction.

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