Neutralization Reaction in Thermochemistry

A quantity of 2 x 102 mL of 0.862 Molar HCl is mixed with 2 x 102 mL of 0.431Molar Ba(OH)2 in a constant pressure calorimeter that has a heat capacity of 453 J/oC.

The initial temperature of the HCl and Ba(OH)2 solutions is the same at 20.48oC. For the process

H+(aq) + OH-(aq) --> H2O(L)

the heat of neutralization is -56.2 KJ.

What is the final temperature of the mixed solution?

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... (0.862mol HCl/1L) = 0.172 mol HCl

Also keep in mind that the density of water is 1g/ml so 400ml of solution is 400g.

The amount of heat liberated during the reaction is
q(rxn) = 0.0172 mol * (-56200/1mol) = -9.67 K J
q(rxn) = -(msoln*ssoln*deltat + ...