Oil Supply and Reserves

1. Just to continue using oil at the current rate (not the projected higher exponential rate), we must discover and add to global oil reserves the equivalent of a new Saudi Arabian supply (the world's largest) every 10 years. Do you believe this is possible? If not, what effects might this have on your life and on the life of a child or grandchild you might have?

2. Explain why you are for or against continuing to increase oil imports in the United States or in the country where you live. If you favor reducing dependence on oil imports, list the three best ways to do this.

3. Explain why you agree or disagree with the following proposals by various energy analysts to help solve U.S. energy problems: (a) find and develop more domestic supplies of oil, (b) place a heavy federal tax on gasoline and imported oil to help reduce the waste of oil resources

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...pressing issue for future generations. While this generation can continue driving large cars without much care, future generations will need to be more energy conscious.

2) I do not agree with increasing US oil imports. This essentially sends money overseas when it could be spent here. To decrease imports, ...