Uses of mercury

1. Find out 2 or 3 uses for mercury.

2. For each use find out why mercury was chosen for the job

3. What are the dangers from using mercury.

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...o longer the case as the hat-makers would end up with mercury poisoning. (See below for an explanation of this). Other uses are in mercury batteries. Like inhat-production mercury mercury cells are not as common due to the toxic effects of using mercury. Choices A and B are the two most common uses for mercury. If you need a third choice to discuss, the use of mercury in felt-hat production is an interesting story and can be easily found on the internet. Try this link for an example:

Dangers from the use of Mercury
Exposure to mercury can occur through inhalation, ingestion or dermal absorption. The amount of mercury absorbed by the body -and thus the degree of toxicity - is dependent upon the chemical form of mercury. The biological half-life of mercury is 60 days. Thus, even though exposure is reduced, the body burden will remain for at least a few months. Elemental mercury is most hazardous when inhaled. Only about 25% of an inhaled dose is exhaled. Skin absorption of mercury vapor occurs, but at low levels (ex. 2.2% of the total dose). ...