Which chemical compound has the greatest mass of bromine?

Which substance contains the greatest mass of bromine?
a) 60.0g NaBrO3
b) 30.0g MgBr2
c) 5.0g HBrO4
d) 0.10 mol KBr
e) 0.10 mol HBr

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Molar mass of NaBrO3 = Na: (22.99) + Br: (79.90) + O: (16.00 x 3) = 150.89 gram/mol

Know knowing the molar mass we can calculate the number of mols:

Mols = 60.0g/ 150.89g/mol = 0.3976

2. Determine the number of mols of bromine:
From the molecular formula we can see that there is only one mol of Br in each mol of the compound. So in this case the mols of bromine = the mols of the compound = 0.3976

2. Determine the mass of bromine in the compound:

Again this can be done using the formula mols = mass/molar mass. This time we have to rearrange the fomula to: mass= mols x molar mass = 0.3976 x 79.90 = 31.77 grams

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