Designing a basic network for 3 buildings indicating how many routers, hubs etc are required for each floor as well as the system used to connect them.

Design a basic network suggesting how many routers and hubs etc for each floor. As well, determine what to use to connect i.e. Cat5 wire,etc.

Building A: Main building
7 stories
1 Basement
6 Normal floors

There are 350 people in the building
30 in basement
40 1st floor
60 2nd floor
60 3rd floor
70 4th floor
50 5th floor
40 6th floor

3rd floor contains Data Center

Computers and phones
4 Servers (Main server room)
There are 300 computers in this building
(20 are public access terminals)
There are 350 phones and 10 fax lines in the building
Each floor has a communications closet

Building B
4 stories
1 Basement
3 normal floors

There are 300 people in this building
50 Basement
100 1st floor
150 2nd floor
50 3rd floor

Computers and phones
1 NT server for a third floor client only
All other computers are served by Building A
There are 200 computers in this building(40 public access)
There are 250 phones and 4 fax lines
There are communication closets on the 2nd,3rd, and basement floors only.

Building C
4 stories (No basement)

There are 400 employees in this building,however there can be up to 10,000 people at an event.
100 employees on each floor

Computers and phones
All computers are served by Building A
there is a backup server used for this building users only.
There are 300 computers
There are 300 phones and 5 fax machines
Each floor has a communications closet

Building A to Building B 750 feet
You cannot connect using telephone poles.
Building A to C 170 miles.

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Solution Preview

...loy to floors like 2/2/3/3/3/3/2, you have 18 switches, add the servers to it, so you need 22 Gbit ports. This will also be connected to a possible router, so 24 Gbit ports is realistic.

For 750 feet intra building connection, you can go wireless with RF or Laser. For the conference building wireless is a solution but requires many access points (design depends very much on architecture and expected simultaneous connections.) For 170 miles, you can think of a leased line, using an ISP or going through satellite. VPN is also an option.

The phone network can also be carried on Cat5 (double the cables) and can be connected to regular phone switches or IP phone switches. You can also propose hybrid solutions like an IP phone and a ...