Preparing for USA university admission for a Masters degree.

What processes do I have to go through if I want to get admission into a US university for a masters program?

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...eing admitted.
<br>2. Start TOEFL and GRE preparation. The best package to go would be
<br>GRE - General
<br>GRE - Major specific (e.g. Computer Science).
<br>Typically, a TOEFL score of 600 is enough to get admitted to the best universities in the US.
<br>3. Familiarize yourself with Peterson's guide ( and select universities and departments that you might be interested in. Find DGS's email addresses and send the 3 files you prepared individually to each of them (you may need to customize the letter beyond inserting the name of each DGS). 10 years ago, people were sending it by regular mail.
<br>4. Based on the responses you get from the universities, select 5-6 top ...