Web Design Standards

Search the Internet for two Web sites relating to Web design standards.

Complete the following in your discussion cluster:
Create a list of 10 Web design standards with your cluster. To create this list, discuss the standards on each site and determine the 10 your cluster feels to be the most appropriate for effective Web design.

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...eful for those whom write their own html code; or users of Dreamweaver, MS Expression, and more where code is verified or validated prior to publishing to ensure correctness, thus avoiding errors. I cannot say if the CDC uses HTML validation; however, I noticed no errors. Wikipedia does use some form of validation in that when users publish to the site, data is, in fact, verified by the organization (not for accuracy, per se, but for syntax or coding errors).

2) Validating links: this I feel is very important, that is to check all links to ensure they open or point as intended (i.e. pointing to other pages, sites, pop-up windows, forms, and so on).

3) CSS Validation: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) validation is similar to the HTML reference above.

4) Validating accessibility: some feel that accessibility is unnecessary if they are not the intending audience; however, in the example of the above two sites, we felt it was important to include.

5) Cleanness: sites should be clutter-free and easy to read or navigate

6) Accessibility for devices: again, depending on the site's intended purpose, the site ...