Agile Software Development

1. "Agile Development" is a blanket term that covers a wide variety of software development practices many of which have been codified and documented. Select a published agile methodology (other than Scrum or XP as covered in class) and answer the following questions.

a. Explain how the methodology meets the criteria in the Agile Manifesto (Beck, et al., 2001).

b. What are some unique features of this methodology vs. other agile methodologies?

c. What are some possible pitfalls and barriers to adoption of this methodology?

2. One of the most challenging tasks in any software development process is estimating the effort and time requirements of the individual subtasks (McConnell, 2006). Many agile methodologies suggest collaborative methods of estimating complexity and schedule based on the "wisdom of the crowd." Investigate and summarize one of these methods (e.g. "planning poker"). Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the method selected.


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