Provide screenshots and an explanation of your results when you download, install, and run a security program such as Spybot - S&D.

Compare and contrast two enterprise suites of antivirus programs. Which one would you recommend to HealthFirst Hospital Foundation (HHF)? Why?
How would you train HHF employees to recognize and avoid malware treats?
If HHF had a widespread infection of a new variant of the Blaster worm, how might you disinfect HHF?

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...of programs: Antivir, Avast and AVG are the most used and most well known enterprise antivirus programs, and I use or have used both for long periods of time. There are however, other antivirus suites that we do not include for discussion as their performance is not par with the above mentioned ones, such as Comodo Antivirus and Rising Antivirus.
Summary of findings: Antivir and Avast and both have excellent and comparable detection rates.

AVG has a good advantage in the number of false positives, which is lower than Antivir. However, AVG scores another strike against it in terms of its scanning speed, which is significantly slower than the other two.

Antivir is my favorite freeware antivirus. It is best in terms of performance and, with the recent addition of an antispyware component it has become even more desirable. I recommend Antivir for the HealthFirst Hospital Foundation (HHF) because it has the best detection of any program free or paid according to statistics of AV reports on all antivirus suites. AVG, however, lags behind somewhat in that area. Antivir has what seems to be a significant advantage in terms of predictive, behavioral based "heuristic" detection for new and previously unseen threats who signatures have not yet been added to the antivirus program's database. For a critical system like a hospital the accuracy of virus and malicious code detection of Antivir software is more important than AVG's scanning speed, hence Antivir is the preferred antivirus suite for HHF.

3. How would you train HHF employees to recognize and avoid malware treats?

The following symptoms, when encountered by the HHF employees, may ...