C++ - british pounds,shillings,pence

British pounds-shillings-pence money notation:

Design a class: pounds (type long), shillings (type int), pence(type int) data items.
create following member functions:
- no-argument constructor
- one-argument constructor, taking type double(for converting from decimal pounds)
- three-argument constructor, taking pounds, shillings and pence
- getSterling() to get an amount in pounds, shillings and pence from the user,
format $9.19.11
- putSterling() to display an amount in pounds, shillings and pence, format $9.19.11
- addition (sterling + sterling) using overloaded + operator
- subtraction (sterling - sterling) usind overloaded - operator
- multiplication (sterling * double) using overloaded * operator
- division (sterling / sterling) using overloaded / operator
- division (sterling / double) using overloaded / operator
- operator double (to convert to double)

- a penny can be further divided into halfpennies and farthings -> farthing worth 1/4 of a penny. There was a halfpenny coin, farthing coin, halffarthing coin.
it can be expressed in eights of a penny:
1/8 penny is a halffarthing
1/4 penny is a farthing
3/8 penni is a farthing and a half
1/2 penny is a halfpenny
5/8 penny is a halfpenny plus a halffarthing
3/4 penny is a halfpenny plus a farthing
7/8 penny is a halfpenny plus a farthing and a half

Assume we want to add to the sterling class the ability to handle such fractional pennies. The I/O format can be something like $1.1.1-1/4 or $9.19.11-7/8, where the hyphen separates the fraction from the pennies.

Derive a new class called 'sterfrac' from 'sterling'. It should be able to perform the four arithmetic operations on sterling quantities that include eights of a penny. Its only member data is an int indicating the number of eights; you can call it 'eights'.You'll need to overload many of the functions in 'sterling' to handle the eights. The user should
be able to type any fraction in lowest terms, and the display should also show fractions in lowest terms.

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