C++ console program for employee evaluation.

A retail store wishes to evaluate its employees four times a year at the end of each quarter.

Evaluation Item Weight
----------------------------------- ------
First Quarter (0.00 - 100.00) 0.20
Second Quarter (0.00 - 100.00) 0.22
Third Quarter (0.00 - 100.00) 0.24
Comprehensive Annual (0.00 - 100.00) 0.34

This program uses this scale of weights to compute the final evaluation as a weighted sum
for the combination of the four evaluations and assigns a quality grade that corresponds to
the final weighted evaluation. The ranges are used for data validation. Data for ten employees are read from the keyboard and inserted into an input file. Then, the data is read from the input file "datainput" for processing and the final results are inserted into the output file "dataoutput". And this will be accomplished with,using a for loop, take employee data inputed from the keyboard concerning, the quarterly performance numbers for an employee.
The data will be validated and saved to an output file,"datainput" . this program
will use five arrays to grater manupliate and store the data.

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