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Prepare a paper identifying and describing how information systems are used to support the business processes in an organization. You can describe the business processes within your current employer or an organization with which you are familiar. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the information systems you have chosen to describe and how those systems could be improved.

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...evolved after several mergers. The company is trying to merge various systems into a single, integrated company wide system. In such a scenario, ERP plays a very important role in terms of implementing an organization wide software system. Employees from all divisions and departments, even located at remote locations, can access data stored over a single system, enter and store data and obtain real time information from a single interface. Examples of modules in an ERP which formerly would have been stand-alone applications include: Product lifecycle management, Supply chain management (e.g. Purchasing, Manufacturing and Distribution), Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Order Processing, Online Sales, Financials, Human Resources, and Decision Support System.


ERP would play a very important role in integrating the various individual or standalone systems in my large organization and thus, improve inefficiency and accuracy of various operations and processes.

Another important area where information systems have played and continue to play a major role is accounting. Accounting information systems can be ...