How to set PATH and EDITOR Variables in Linux login Script

Login to your Linux environment and create your start-up shell script. Whether you write the scripts as .profile or .cshrc, include the following options:

* Your search path to $PATH
* Your editor to vi
* Two variables of your preference, explain what they are.

Copy the following shell that completes the following:


echo Select a country from the following list:

echo America, Italy, France, Germany

read country

case $country in

[Aa]merica ) echo Ford; echo Perhaps;;

[Ii]taly ) echo Ferarri;echo no;;

[Ff]rance ) echo Peugeot ;echo no way;;

[Gg]ermany ) echo Porsche ;echo yes;;


Run the shell from above.

Answer the following questions:

· What is the purpose of the echo command?

· In the case statement, why are the first letters both caps and lower case?

· What does esac mean?

Submit the answers to these questions to your faculty member for grading.

Create your own shell that completes the following problem:

· Ask the user their name.

· Compare it to your name.

· Give a reply that their response is either your name too or it is a nice name too.

· Submit a listing of this shell to your faculty member for grading.

· Copy/Paste or attach a screen print.

Copy/paste the screen shots

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Solution Preview of the echo command?

A1 echo sends textual information to the output (in most cases the monitor). This is equivalent to the printf statement in the C language.

Q2 In the case statement, why are the first letters both caps and lower case?
A2 This is to allow the use of both uppercase and lowercase first letters of the country names.

Q3 What does esac mean?
A3 esac signals the end of the case ...