How to use Microsoft Word

1. A friend of yours has just started using Microsoft Word, and has e-mailed you requesting instructions on how to apply a first line indent to a paragraph. Create a list of instructions about how to configure a first line indent for a paragraph.

2. Modified and used the Normal style to create the research paper. List at least 3 other built-in styles you might use in Microsoft Word, and explain when you would use them.

3. Create a letterhead for a fictitious business of your choosing. The letterhead should contain at least one shape, one image, formatted text, and at least one symbol.

4. List at least three examples of when you might choose to create and use a building block in Microsoft Word.

5. Explain the differences between left, center, right, and decimal tab stops.

6. Create a PowerPoint presentation containing at least 4 slides that presents information about you. The PowerPoint presentation should include at least two different slide layouts, at least one clip art image and one picture, and use slide transitions.

7. Create a PowerPoint presentation outlining your favorite features in Microsoft PowerPoint. Apply a document theme to the presentation, include at least two pictures, and include at least one duplicate slide.

8. Create a PowerPoint presentation designed to advertise a product of your choice to your audience. The presentation should have at least five slides, at least three pictures of the product, and use at least three different slide layouts. At least one of the pictures should not be placed in a placeholder. Apply an appropriate document theme, as well as text formatting.

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