Microsoft Dynamics vs. SugarCRM

Evaluate two software solutions for Customer Relationship Management to implement at your companies: Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SugarCRM. The following are some of the areas to evaluate in implementing such a solution as each offers different package levels:

1) Functionality: You are to implement modules to support Sales, Service, Marketing, and Customizable Reporting. You will also need a Quote Configurator function, along with partner relationship software. What are some of the major differences between the two software solutions (e.g. Open Source)? and why are they important in your decision making?
2) Data: As most of your data used inside this software is not 100%, explain what some of your options to handle this, along with the risks.
3) Pricing: Base your pricing on 100 users and the costs for having it residing off your company premise (SaaS). Which software recommendation would you make and what are the licensing costs for the next three years.
4) Change Management: This software can be used for your own account managers, sales people, etc. If you currently don't have account managers/sales people in your company, think of how you would use this to manage strategic accounts/partnerships or business development (e.g. large physician practices). Explain some of the positive impacts and some of the risks in organizational change by implementing such a solution (e.g. stakeholders)?
5) Risk Management: What are the some of the other risks you foresee in this type of project, the probability of them occurring, and what are your contingency plans?
6) Cloud Computing: What are some of the risks you may need to manage with using cloud computing and how might you communicate this to your organization?
7) Analytics: What are some of the types of reports you will use to manage your business in this area and what level of management will be using them?
8) Timeframe: What timeline would you estimate to implement such a solution at your company? You do not need a detailed plan, but some rationale behind how long it may take knowing your company.

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