Normalizing your Data Base to the Third Normal Forum

Normalize to the 3NF the following collections of data attributes, Write the normalized entities in the correct format and underline the attributes which form the primary key(s). Make whatever assumptions that you need to, but document your assumptions.

1) Video Tapes (Title, Director, Actors, Date, Music Tracks, Duration, Theme, Language, Country, Awards, Version, Rating, Format)
- Theme could be Mystery, Romance, Action, etc.
- Version could be Directors Cust, Edited for TV, Unrated, etc.
- Rating could be PG, R, NC17, etc.
- Format could be 16:9, or 4:3.

2) University(StudentID, StudentName, StudentEmail, CourseID, CourseSection, CourseGrade, ProfessorName, DegreeProgram)
- University students are in a degree program and take courses which professors teach.

3) Product(ProductID, PartID, ProductName, PartName, PartQuantity,
- A product is built from many parts.
- Many copies of the same part may be used in one product (ex. 1 inch pan headed screws). PartQuantity is the number of a specific part that is used in a specific product.

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