Office Automation Assignment

Office Automation Assignment (Individual)

Prepare a paper describing what office automation and group collaboration software is used in your organization. Include an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each software used. . If your company does not use any, you may either write your paper on how adding this type of applications may be beneficial to your company or you may interview a person working at another company that does use them and write your paper about their company.

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...presentation tool -PowerPoint Presentation
• a databases (SQL Server 2005,SQL Server 2008)
• a scheduler
Office Word 2007:
With latest Microsoft word has so many great features like contexture tabs, live previews, Mini toolbar.
Users need to download convertor into in order to view office documents if they don't have word 2007.
Microsoft OneNote:
Notebooks can be shared across multiple computers. Anyone can edit even while not connected and changes are merged automatically across machines when a connection is made. Changes are labeled with author and change time/date.

SAP Tools
We use SAP as office back end tool to create invoices for customers.
This makes easy keep financial records easy and helps to create reports for business personals and sales force.
SharePoint Server:
We use SharePoint server as sharing documents and files related to all projects.
This allows content management.
Content for the web site can be update at any time.
This is great collaboration tools for any one working in any organization.
You can create your folder, documents and any other file related to work and you can update and share them to others.
This is costly and need a administrator to maintain.

Great tool for creating flow diagrams, process diagram, network diagram, class diagrams UML diagrams and database relational databases.
Not enough for creating ...