The Importance of Saving Your Work.

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. Access saves database values as they are added eliminating the need to save every time a record is added, edited, or deleted. Discuss the importance of saving your work. Share stories of a time when you or someon...

In Excel why is it important to have a professional-looking worksheet?

In Excel why is it important to have a professional-looking worksheet? Why spend so much time with styles and formats and creating borders? Does it make worksheets and workbooks easier to read and follow, or just clutter them up with unnecessary fluff? Have you ever seen or used a worksheet that had...

System Improvement Solutions

What are two feasible solutions for systems improvement? What is the best method that you have used to analyze a process at your work?

Modification of a purchased software package

If the project team determines that the best alternative is to modify a purchased software package, then the team has several options to consider. What are they? What must the project team take responsibility for in each case?


I have found that to date, the largest offense is looking into family records even though employees are warned not too and that this is a violation of that family member's HIPAA's rights. The organization has released many employees because of this violation. What are your thoughts about this issue....

Pre-Implementation and Post-Implementation Activities

In systems implementation, there are two broad stages of implementation: Pre-Implementation Preparation and Post-Implementation Upkeep. 1. what are 2 different ways end-users impact each stage. 2. What are some techniques that you can use to utilize the day-to-day business knowledge the end ...

Health care experience

Does an HIT employee have to have health care experience to be successful and effective in the informatics position?

Decision Making

Explain why Health care information systems (informatics) is important in decision making within an organization.

Discrete mathematics

Define a relation D on the set of all people in the following way: x D y if and only if x = y or x is a descendent of y. Which of the properties does this relation have? For each property, explain why the relation has the property, or give a counterexample. Reflexive Symmetric Transitive Ant...

Computer Science

1. Should software licenses be dropped completely? Show references. 2. The hackers that perform distributed denial of service attacks on e-commerce sites: are they criminals, or are they heroes helping computer specialists discover faults within computer networks and systems? Show references. ...

advantages for purchasing software packages

What are some advantages for purchasing software packages versus developing them in the company. What are some positives and negatives with purchasing software packages? If the company purchased custom developed software what are some issues?

DISCUSSION: Advantage of Service Architecture

This Discussion will focus on the different levels of abstractions within the service interface layer and the importance of abstraction and role of layering when developing SOA-based IT solutions. At the end of the Discussion, you should be able to draw conclusions on why these abstractions and laye...


Whose job is it to test newly written code? Why? What steps should we take to ensure the reliability of our code? Explain.

SSL question

Suppose Alice and Bob are communicating over an SSL session. Suppose an attacker, who does not have any of the shared keys, inserts a bogus TCP segment into a packet stream with correct TCP checksum and sequence numbers (and correct IP addresses and port numbers). Will SSL at the receiving side ac...

Actives nodes, adapter, ethernet

1. Suppose four active nodes-nodes A, B, C and D-are competing for access to a channel using slotted ALOHA. Assume each node has an infinite number of packets to send. Each node attempts to transmit in each slot with probability p. The first slot is numbered slot 1, the second slot is numbered sl...

Who killed the duke of Densmore?

I need to find the idea for solving this problem. The shadow of a grisly murder is hanging over the otherwise idyllic coast near Craymouth: carbonized bodies of two men and a crocodile have been found in a tower of Densmore Castle on the Isle of White. All three died a year ago in the explosion o...

Customer Relationship Management System

What are the typical functions in a customer relationship management system? The book I am using as a reference is: Management Information Systems (for the Information Age) Stephen Haag & Maeve Cummings) 7 ed. 2008

regression testing integration

1. What are the attributes of a good software test? Why? 2. What are the key differences between validation testing goals and acceptance? 3. Why is regression testing an important part of any integration testing procedure?

Commercially used risk management and analysis tools

Have you been able to find specific examples of commercially used risk management/analysis software tools? What are the basic features of one or two of these, and what are typical costs of the products (e.g. for a single user license)?

Reliability and validity of 'bottom-up' time estimates

It is often difficult to estimate program design and coding times for certain types of software development projects. In many of those cases, of the approaches to time estimation discussed this week, probably the bottom-up strategy would be the most useful. However, is there any way for the proje...

Other difficulties with parametric estimation techniques

A common area of inconsistency with parametric estimation techniques such as COCOMO is due to the fact that quite often task completion times for software development are not additive. For example, if coding up a new module, the time to design, program and unit test the item may be rather high (say ...

Incremental Integration and Top-Down Integration

1. Describe incremental integration. Name and explain (2) benefits of incremental integration. 2. Describe how top-down integration works. List (1) advantage and (1) disadvantage of top-down integration.

Biggest problem

What is the biggest problem in developing accurate cost estimates? Why?

outsourced I.T. projects

What degree of flexibility would you feel would be generally appropriate in the procurement planning and associated contract(s)for outsourced I.T. projects? Which plan/contract areas would you expect to be subject to this?