What are the benefits of accessible web and digital content

People with disabilities can effectively participate in educational, economic and social activities if they are provided with full access to web and digital content. Web accessibility has several benefits for people with disabilities in particular and society in general. In this solution you will le...

How to design accessible websites for people with disabilities

Growing use of internet in our daily lives has increased the need that all user groups should be able to use web content with full accessibility. In this regard web accessibility for people with different physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities has gained lot of importance and there are lega...

Web Sites and Browser Version

Hi would you please help with the below discussion question? It should be about 500 words with proper references and no plagiarisms. Some Web sites state that their pages are best viewed in a particular browser or browser version or that they do not support certain browser versions. Examine the a...

UML Use Case Diagram

There is a need for the church to update its website. The website is dated and determined to be end of life as a product. Need to understand how to create an UML Use Case Diagram to illustrate designing a new website for a church that will implement state of the art technology

Web-Site Design

Why are customer-centric Web site design so important, yet is so difficult to accomplish?

Web Access to e-mail Messages

As a network systems administrator, you are responsible for server software. Describe the protocols and server software for a Microsoft server environment that permits web access to e-mail messages.

Mysql and php project

Project E-Business Product Knowledgebase In this assignment you'll work build the front end to an e-business site that offers product information. The product area is for you to decide. While a complete online store would require quite a lot of additional functionality, you will only need to ...

Internet Time Line

Review the Hobbes Internet Time Line found at http://www.zakon.org/robert/internet/timeline. Which do you think are the two most significant events on the time line and why? (500 - 750 words with references)

Guidance on How to Compare Software Packages

I need assistance with comparing and contrasting 2 major off the shelf software packages that could be implemented in an organization. I have many topics answered already except following: 1. Identifying then compare and contrast 2 major off the shelf software packages 2. Description of how t...

web based scams

Web phishing, pharming and vishing are popular web based scams. Discuss currently used tools and recommended measures to defeat this kind of attacks efficiently? Specifically focus on solutions that can be implemented at the network infrastructure layer and in user clients or browsers. With Schol...

Information Systems SDLC Methodology

How would you describe the elements of a business case for a new information systems project under the SDLC methodology? Post your thoughts on the SDLC video (link is under reading assignments). It can also be found here: Watch this humorous video on the SDLC. Website http://www.youtube.com/w...

Java Code and Principles of Inheritence

Described below are three classes, Building, Hotel and Home with their respective attributes: Building: no_of_floors, age, parking_space, size Hotel: number_of_guests, number_of_rooms, vacancy, no_of_floors, age, parking_space, size Home: No_of_bedrooms, no_of_occupants, finished_basement, no_of_...

Contextual Links and Hypertext Capabilities

One of the most powerful hypertext capabilities is the the contextual link. Wikipedia.com is a great example of a site that utilizes contextual links. Provide the link for a site that successfully uses contextual links, and find one site that does not use contextual links, but would benefit from it....

Working of Internet Society: Protocol to Standard process

Describe how architectural and protocol changes occur in the administrative organization that oversees the technical development of the Internet, and the process that each protocol must undergo to become an Internet Standard.

'Defect Removal Efficiency' metric

Please elaborate on 'Defect Removal Efficiency' metric. How would this metric be specifically derived or computed? How would it be used by (and for) project management?

Risk Management Software

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using risk management software. Describe one or more tool-sets in your answer.

Merits and Demerits of Web-Based Training

Webinars and other web conferencing methods have proved most beneficial for the provision of affordable quality corporate training. Having said that, are you able to come up with any deficiencies or disadvantages of those modes of instruction, relative to the traditional approaches for training p...

Internet Use by Businesses

Please help with the following questions. 1. How can a business use the Internet? Provide three examples with web links demonstrating your answer. 2. Select four Internet browsers and provide three positive and 3 negative features about each, summarize your findings.

SMTP Processing of Messages

Which of the following is a true statement regarding SMTP processing of messages? a) Messages typically are sent through multiple SMTP systems while going from the sender to the recipient. b) The SMTP sender remains responsible for a message until it has been delivered to the recipient. c) SM...

People, Technology and Management

Please help me with the following question: Information technology influences the behavior of organizations. Name one effect of IT implementation and long-term usage you assume having a positive contribution and one having a negative consequence.

Mobile Friendly Web Sites

Can you help me with the following question? Describe the differences and or similarities between a mobile-friendly web site and a mobile application. Are there advantages to one over the other? If so, what? Thank you