Wind Turbine: site selection

For me to better understand wind turbine technology I have attached a graph which indicates the wind speed distributions for two sites, A and B, where the mean wind speeds are 5.0 m s-1 and 8.0 m s-1 respectively.

a).Use the graph (attached) as a separate document to estimate the percentage of the year during which the wind speed lies in each of the following ranges, at each site.
• i.0 - 4 m s-1
• ii.5 - 16 m s-1
• iii.> 16 m s-1

b) Comment briefly on the suitability of each site for a wind turbine with a cut-in wind speed of 4 m s1 and a shut-down wind speed of 16 m s-1.

For Information;
Wind and speed graph attached as file, shows Wind speed distributions for sites A and B
Note: The bars in graph show the number of hours for which the wind speed lies within each band of speeds. For example, at site A, the speed is normally at 1 m s-1 for about 530 hours a year, and at site B it is in this range for just over 200 hours per year

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