Recessionary gap and an inflationary gap

How can the 3 major tools of monetary policy correct a recessionary gap and an inflationary gap?

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...than full-employment real production. A recessionary gap, also termed a contractionary gap, is associated with a business-cycle contraction.
2. INFLATIONARY GAP: The difference between the equilibrium real production achieved in the short-run aggregate market and full-employment real production. This occurs when short-run equilibrium real production is MORE than full-employment real production. An inflationary gap, also termed an expansionary gap, is associated with a business-cycle expansion, especially the latter stages of an expansion.

Obviously, during a business-cycle contraction, the central bank should apply expansionary monetary policies (an increase in the amount of money in circulation) to correct for a recessionary gap. The central bank buys government securities. Then there's more money in circulation. It can also push down the discount rate, ...