Antitrust Policy discussion of interventions and comparison between the US and other countries

Antitrust policy is defined as governmental "attempts to make companies act in a competitive manner by breaking up companies that are monopolies, prohibiting mergers that would increase market power,and finding and fining companies that scheme to establish higher prices".

Questions: Briefly explain.

1. Provide the general interventions employed by government to reduce
monopoly and general interventions employed to protect monopoly.

2. Are the antitrust laws in the United States stricter and more
comprehensive compared to those of other industrialized nations?

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Solution Preview In Europe, they ordered them to provide a different product.

While this is one major government initiative that is supposed to protect society and consumers, governments often try to protect a series of companies from competition. This, is specially true of their own companies. In New York, there is hardly any allowed competition to public transit and this is the case in most major North American cities. More importantly, at the international level, there is a sense that it is in our best interest to protect our large companies against the large companies of other countries. This is because some types of ...