Please refer to attached word document and answer the following three questions:

1. Briefly describe the article. Why is this article interesting?

2. How does the article relate to the economic terms? (Choose 2 terms)

3. What are the future implications of this article and its effects on the economy?

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... growth, while too little causes financial meltdowns such as the one we're currently experiencing.

Next, mention how the article interested you on a personal level. This is where you will need to bring in your own feelings on the subject. Do you agree with the author? If you do, you might say something such as:
I found this article interesting because the author is able to defend position many Americans dislike. He appeals to basic economics as the foundation to which we need to return. Violating the principles of good government will lead to the problems we're now experiencing. To prevent them in the future, we need to recognize that taxation is not always bad. Taxes must be used appropriately, however, to lessen their negative effects on ...