State of the U.S. Economy

The problem is that I have the assignment sheet but I need someone to explain what I should do. What information I need to gather and what to do with it after I have gathered it. How do I go about explaining the state of the U.S. economy? I am including the assignment sheet so you may better help me. I do not need you to do the research for me but I do need a little more guidance than the assignment sheet. I have also gathered the L. A. times business section from January through March. Thank you.

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...table for few of the indicators, you collect the rest of the indicators I mentioned above. I have also included a graph containing US GDP growth in a percentage basis. You do the same for all the indicators, either collect from the web (if you find) or draw them (should be easy in MS Word using the straight lines, curves and text boxes. Then press "shift" and click on every line or box, then click right mouse-button and click on "grouping", then select "group". This way you can glue all the lines and boxes in to one whole graph.).
Here, you will explain each of the indicator's trends according to data. For example: you write in the following manner:

The Figure1 and Table1 show that US economy has gone through quite ups and downs since the year 1998. But, there was a huge downturn seen in 2001: GDP growth rate was negative in the period from early 2001 to the last quarter. This can be explained by the slow growth in Personal Consumption Expenditure (or C in the equation), a huge negative trend in Private Domestic Investment ( I ) during that period and continued until the end of the year, and Net Export (X - M) growth was negative in most of the years, and the Government ...