Curriculum and evaluation ideas are posed.

In this assignment you will be asked to create the evaluation component of a comprehensive technology plan (CTP). The CTP examines the availability of technology tools and the need for additional tools and training in using those tools.

First, select an educational organization: a local school district, a college, or a corporate training center. Briefly describe the organization.

Next, analyze the effectiveness and satisfaction of the organization's current use of technology. Support your analysis with real or hypothetical data.

Based on your data, draw conclusions regarding the availability of technology tools and the need for training in their use. You may use charts and tables to display the data, but be sure to give narrative conclusions.

Finally, based on your data and conclusions, make recommendations to add, upgrade, or redistribute the organization's technology. Also recommend a related training curriculum. Support these recommendations with data and conclusions.

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...ant to have to learn any more programs.

Parent and student ideas about technology are also important. You need to decide about the hypothetical community you're talking about. Are the students really excited when they get to use computers? Do these children have access to technology at home, or is school their only exposure to it? What about parents and community members? Is there a concern among the community that students will be at a detriment if they do not become more familiar with educational technology early on? Frankly, most communities want their schools to be technologically advanced, simply because it improves the chances that employees (later on, once they have gone through the school system) are comfortable with utilizing technology.

The idea of a technology plan, though, is for the technology to improve student learning. We're not talking "fun stuff," although student motivation is certainly a factor. Rather, how can technology improve student access to learning? How can it save teachers time, and engage students in learning in an interactive way? You are going to want to recommend some software programs for use as well. MS office alone doesn't cut it anymore, and there are some awesome computer programs available to teach students to type, to teach reading and writing concepts, and to encourage researching. One of my favorites is Kidspiration/Inspiration. It is a very user-friendly program that allows you to make mind maps and graphic organizers on the computer. It requires maybe two minutes of training, and even kids who can't read can use it. My students love it, and it results in higher level thinking. Technology has to ...