Prezi Presentation

Create a Prezi a presentation, content related to American History, for your classroom. Ymay use a template to create your presentation.

Here are the requirements for the presentation,

a. An introduction and a closing
b. Purpose of the presentation
c. Your contact information (somewhere)(do not do this one)
d. Communicate or present at least 5 ideas (5 'areas' in Prezi.)
e. At least 3 images. (Looking for Royalty Free Images? Listed below are many sites you can search)
f. At least 3 additional visual tools such as an arrow, highlighted text, circle, etc.
If you are looking for images, here are many sites you can search, including the following:

Morgue File:

Creative Commons Image Search:






g. Write Brief Reflection on the Experience:

After completing your presentation, in a short paragraph discuss the tool in terms of ease of use, effectiveness in conveying message, challenges to use and, of course, how you might use it in your classroom to enhance instruction. Be sure to add a link to your presentation!

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