Genogram: what is it and how can it assist in the assessment of needs within a family system?

Describe what is meant by a genogram. Please cite the source of your material.
How can the genogram assist in assessment of needs within a family system?

Think in terms of your personal genogram and discuss (in general) 2 intergenerational patterns that you could identify within your family.

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...r. That might say something about relationships between sisters in your family that would help you understand your own struggles with your sister.

Genograms are extremely helpful for assessing needs in family and individual therapy. Often therapists have commented that they were much better equipped to help clients because of the information gained from genograms. Honestly, it isn't just the hereditary aspect at play here. You also have to think that if someone suffered emotional coldness or abuse as a child that impacts their entire life, regardless of heredity. I initially learned about genograms in graduate school, but when I was researching them to help you with your work, I found many comments from therapists saying that it helped them to direct their sessions and to target specific patterns within families. The main book cited for this is listed below. Others are available but the main one is the McGoldrick and ...