instruments for math class

What do you think about students being required to purchase special instruments for math class? For example, would you require your students to purchase protractors and compasses? Other alternatives would be for the school to own them, if possible, just for use in the classroom. Or for you, the teacher to demonstrate them in front of the class but the students not to use them at all. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of these options.

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...tors in order to attend school. For safety reasons a compass may be purchased for the class, yet the student would be unable to bring it to school due to the sharp points on the instrument.

School purchase

In years past schools have purchased instruments such as this to help parents off set the cost of education. This is still an option, if the cost is budgeted into the school budget. Along with the purchase of these instruments, inventory costs must be considered, safety of the instruments, and the decision if the students will be allowed to take them home or not. If the students are ...