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You will only be able to sent TA email letters via outlook in Citrix.
The email list will be sent to you by your immediate supervisor. This list will contain courses from both nursing and health sciences first course.
Once you click on the worksheet, it will display the following
You need to delete lines 1-6 on the excel email worksheet. Then you will need to delete all the blank lines until you reach the student data on the worksheet
At the end of the list, you will enter last and first name and email address to yourself and immediate supervisor. Also, you would want to label the tab at the bottom of the worksheet to reference the course number.
Then you will click on save as, and save worksheet in a file on your desktop. You could create a "TA email" folder on your desktop to organize your worksheets and TA letters.
Next, you will open your letter (Welcome or Finish Strong in word format). You will click on "Mailings" tab at the top of the document.
Click on "Mailings" then select "Start Mail Merge"
Under "Start Mail Merge", click on "Email Messages"
Then click on "Select Recipients" and "Use existing mail list". It will prompt you to select the saved worksheet file on your computer.
After you selected your list, you will click on "Preview Results" tab to verify the names on the letter.
In the next step, you will click on "Edit Recipient List" to eliminate/uncheck any gaps in the email list.
Final Step, you will select "Finish and Merge" Tab and click on "Send email messages". Enter "WELCOME" or "FINISH STRONG" in the subject line. Then click Ok to finish.

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