Locate and read journal articles that focus on some aspect of integrating mathematics and science curricula

The major focus of the research paper is to locate and read journal articles that focus on some aspect of integrating mathematics and science curricula. Incorporate the following into the paper:

a. Bibliographical information

b. Reflection and reaction to each article

Summarizes the theories and link to practical experience (i.e., application to a real-world work setting).
Suggested professional journals include:

a. Educational Leadership

b. Teaching Children Mathematics

c. Science and Children K-8

d. Science Scope 5-9

e. Phi Delta Kappan

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...lassroom with the textbook, the work has more meaning because they can connect it to their experiences. As a classroom teacher, I could use this right away. I might have my students measure the tallest plant they can find with a meter stick, then draw that plant in a notebook and track its growth over time. Or perhaps we could plant our own plot and track its growth. I think that these real world connections are crucial if we want students to actually care about math and science.

How much popcorn will our classroom hold?
Students set a goal of figuring out how many liters of popcorn their classroom could hold. Students were put into groups of 5 or 6 to brainstorm solutions. They came up with estimates, and decided how they were going to test those estimates. The problem-solving design of this project was wonderful for students, and allowed for lots of higher-level thinking. Students definitely had misconceptions, and the teacher used what she called "troubleshooting" to assist those students.

Very concrete problem-solving activities such as this one are an excellent way to integrate math and science, because they involve the scientific method as well as mathematical skills such as measuring, multiplying, and coming up with formulas. This activity is a great example of how ...