Principles of Instructional Design

In this assignment, you will begin your own instructional design project.

Choose a topic. Consider a problem, issue, or opportunity with which you are familiar. The topic can be from early childhood development, K-12, corporate, or military settings. If you have taken this course previously, choose a new topic. Imagine that you will be creating or revising a unit of instruction regarding this topic.

Conduct the analysis stage of your project as described in the ADDIE model.

Create a report on your analysis work using the following as a guide to key points to cover:

Identify and describe the needs or opportunities and the goals to be addressed by the learning intervention.
Identify and describe the learning environment and context.
Identify and describe the learners (audience).
Identify and describe the measurable learning objectives associated with the topic area to be addressed in the instructional design.
Create terminal performance objectives using Bloom's taxonomy verbs and classify each objective to align with Bloom's taxonomy hierarchy and Gagne's learning types. The remainder of your instructional design will be completed throughout the rest of the course

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