When is a client "beyond help" with family therapy?

Please help answer the following questions.

How can a clinician determine when a family is beyond help by family therapy?

What resources could be offered to the family as a whole and to the individual members if this determination is made?

Who would be involved in the determination that the family is "beyond help?"

This is just personal perspective and research or knowledge -- but it has to be supported

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...d clinicians will endeavor to find creative ways of reaching the family and helping them in their interactions. Family therapy is not supposed to be a long term way of "fixing" dysfunctional families. Rather, the goal of family therapy is to help the identified patient while realizing that the family dynamic is crucial to restoring the balance in the family. If the problems are more extreme, family therapy may not always be the best option.

Sometimes a case is more extreme and family therapy alone is not enough. ...