Assessment Methods to Evaluate Learning

Brodie and Irving (2007) stated that as educators, regardless of the type of learning setting, "we need to ensure that students will know:

- What learning is, (learning implies change)â?"learning theory;
- How to do it best, (the style, approach, fitness for purpose)â?"learning theory;
- When they have learnt, (description of and reflection about the learning)â?"critical reflection;
- What their learning is informed by (its validity; how it stands up to scrutiny against outside evidence )â?"critical reflection;
- What they need to learn (future learning)â?"critical reflection;
- What they have learnt, know more about and become more able at doing (analysis and evaluation of the learning)â?"capability" (p. 14).

In this discussion, reflect upon your experiences throughout your degree program in selecting assessment methods and designing assessment tools to evaluate learning, and explain how assessment can be used for both individual learner mastery and continuous quality improvement of the instruction. Please also offer your thoughts on how critical reflection is essential in the assessment process not only for the educator, but for learners as well.

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