Goals for Ideal Teaching Environment


Please let me know how many credits you would charge to do the below and I will get the points uploaded:

A Philosophy:

1. Write a 5- 8 page (double spaced) paper that describes what working with "difficult" situations would appear to be in the educational arena and classroom in the world of special education as well as the general education classroom. Don't forget to add in what you feel to be a template for resolving a situation.

2. Lastly, write a separate paper of 2-3 pages discussing the below:

a. What goals do you wish to achieve in the new school term using collaboration, consultation, teamwork, and co-teaching skills, and how will you go about reaching your goals?

b. What do you describe as an ideal environment for working together with students, their families, co-educators, and related services personnel and support personnel in the community?

c. What attributes and behaviors are needed by school personnel to create the ideal teaching and learning environment that you have described?

d. How could you facilitate development of the ideal environment you have described?

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