Interview questions to promote change for the better in school

I need to write several open ended interview questions about the assumption that underlies organizational improvement in my school system. I work with special need students and I have no idea where to start. These questions should reflect appreciative inquiry. He states that two of the questions should focus on the problem and two on the solution. My problem is I have an issue with the way the way the special needs students are treated. We still have teachers and especially administrations in these schools that does not know how to deal with the children with special needs.

I am a new teacher however, I have worked as a substitute teacher for years. My problem is that I see highly qualified teachers that seem like they are nervous around these special needs students. Autistic students were being totally over looked for everything last year for their senior year. Some of these kids did not need to be in this resource class. But to keep from bothering with them this is where they put them. The principal doesn't speak up for these children. There is so much more to these children than these teachers will ever know unless they open up and talk to them.

I really feel that resource class is a hold back but I do know for sure they need to deal with these special need students and the school staff and personnel do better toward them.

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