Armstrong Oscillator and Feedback Mechanisms Resulting

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Q5 (e) The given L1:L2 ratio is not necessarily the optimum value to give a good sinusoidal output. [A Fourier probe on the output will give a spectral response]. Try to devise an experiment to find the optimum ratio*. Express the ratio as a turns ratio.

The report should include copies of any graphical responses produced in the investigation.

*This can be done by performing an AC sweep on the inductance parameter L2. However a sweep cannot be performed without a voltage source in the circuit. For purposes of this analysis a small voltage source can be inserted into the feedback loop as shown in the second version of the circuit on Blackboard.

The simulation software used is SIMATRIX SPICE which can be downloaded for free From: This is an urgent request SPICE files and question paper uploaded. Any help an advantage. No description or support material in distance learning course work. Question not detailed enough. No support yet from tutor. I think you some how find the turns ratio from the graphs produced in the SIMATRIX SPICE files rather than just use equations for transformers.

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