Sketch the dependence of l versus h on cartesian axes.

The distance l from a point at a height h above the Earth's surface to the horizon can be approximated using Pythagoras theorem by the expression:

l = h * SQRT(1 + (2*re/h)) , where re is the radius of the Earth.

(a) Sketch the dependence of l versus h on Cartesian axes.
(b) Thus determine approximations for l by taking limits associated with the view expected by:
(i) an astronaut in space;
(ii) a person on a beach.

Please help me understand how do I sketch the dependence of l vs h on Cartesian axes and how can I approach part b?

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...pts (i.e. set h=0 and solve for l and set l=0 and solve for h),
- horizontal and vertical asymptotes (i.e. values of h that give undefined or complex answers, then find g(l)=h and values of l that also give undefined or ...