Risk Importance Measurements

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1. For a given initiating event, a system has two hazard barriers, shown below. After an initiating event, if barrier X succeeds, the system is safe. If both barriers fail, then an Undesirable consequence occurs (100 injuries). If barrier X fails, but barrier Y succeeds, the consequence is less severe (10 injuries). Draw the event tree for this
Situation (label all sequences and consequences). Find the minimum cut sets for each scenario.

2. For the situation described in problem 1 above: if the frequency of the initiating event is 0.25/year, calculate the system risk.

3. Still for the situation described in problem 1 above: calculate the Birnbaum, Risk Achievement Worth, Risk Reduction Worth and Fussell-Vessely Importance Measures for components A, B, C, and D.

4. Assume a system (not the system in problem 1!) has three components: X, Y, Z. If the rank order uncertainty is given as:

Give the relative ranking of the three components.

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