Building english vocabulary by studying word roots

What words have the following roots?
ben, bon
sacr, sanct
vit, viv

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...sition); bon mot (clever saying); bonny (cheering or pleasant); beneficent (doing good)

<b>eu</b>: good
Eugene (name); Euclid (name); Eunice (name); eudemonia (happiness); eugenics (study of genetics)euphony (having a good sound); euphemism (a pleasant word or phrase to replace an offensive word or phrase); eulogy (written or spoken praise of a person); euphoria (wild pleasure, great happiness or bliss), eupnea (normal breathing); eureka ("I've got it!" an expression of triumph); Eurythmic (harmony in music); euthenasia (putting to death in a painless way); eutrophic (water with increased mineral and organic nutrients)

<b>fid</b>: faith or trust
affudavit (written oath); perfidious (untrue, faithless); infidelity (lack of loyalty), fidelity (loyalty), Fido (name for a faithful companion); fiducial (based on or pertaining to trust); fiduciary (someone who holds something in trust for someone else)

<b>pac</b>: peace
Pacific (peaceful, ...