Coach a subordinate in your organization to write a report OR memo

SCENARIO: There's a knock at your office door. You look up and see one of your employees standing there with a stack of papers in her hand. She's been working for you for about six weeks now. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"No problem. Come on in."

She enters and offers you the papers in her hand. "I need help. I'm working on this writing project for you, but I'm having a tough time getting beyond my rough notes, and it's due in five days.

I'm especially worried about how to come up with my main idea, what the boss calls "the bottom line." I'd also like to know how to make sure I'm reaching my audience. Could you give me some suggestions?"

You look at her papers, and you glance at the stack of papers already on your desk.

"Sure. You bet. I'll take a look."

A broad smile creeps across her face and she says, "Thanks, many thanks. This'll really help! Thank you!" She starts to back out of your office.

"Wait a minute. Not so fast. Why don't you sit down? Let's go over this together."

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...he report is to "Increase Sales." Now we must review the company's current sales process to see where improvements can be made.
Answering the following 10 questions will assist in writing the report.
1. Do the salespeople make cold calls? If so, what percentage of cold calls turn into actual sales?
2. Does the company properly advertise? If so, what is the current advertisement budget?
3. Do the advertisements reach the intended market? This can be concluded by the advertising venues. If the product is women's dress shoes and the ads are aired during a hunting program or the print ads are in Sports Illustrated, the company is not reaching its true ...