Communication process

Looking for 750-1000 words with an introduction and conclusion.

A: Describe the fundamentals of your communication process. Briefly discuss and provide examples of the components, principles, and contexts of how you use messages to generate meaning.

B: Describe a personal situation in which a message was perceived differently than it was intended. Think of personal and professional interactions. Were you on the sending or receiving the end of the message? Based on this misperception, what strategies might you use in the future to ensure your audience perceives your messages as you intend?

C: How does the combination of your word choice, appearance, and body language affect your interactions? What, if anything, could you change to avoid misperception and increase your communication effectiveness?

D: Discuss the challenges and benefits of using electronic communication?text messages, instant messages, e-mail, social networking sites, and webinars, for example. Compare one synchronous and one asynchronous communication method.

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