Persuasive Essay

I am needing to create a persuasive outline and powerpoint presentation on the topic "The dealth penalty as a deterrent". I have posted the guidelines below.

The Outline must have the following:

Thesis: The thesis is stated at the beginning of the outline. It is a complete sentence and reflects the topic and purpose of the presentation.

Organization of Information: The hierarchy of information is organized using the outline format explained in the text. The Roman Numerals are the main points of the thesis. Capital letters develop the points of each Roman Numeral. Numbers develop the points of each capital letter. (It is also acceptable to make the Introduction and Conclusion part of the Roman Numerals.)

Content: .The outline is written in detail, whether it uses complete sentences or phrases. It includes all points of the speech.

Visuals: A description of how the visuals enhance the presentation should follow the outline. The student should consider how the visual helps the audience understand the concepts developed in the speech.

References: The outline ends with a References page that contains the correct content and demonstrates the correct formatting according to APA criteria.

The powerpoint must have the following:

Voice: The speaker uses a conversational voice when speaking. The speech is not read. The speaker does not use "uh's, "um's," "and uh's," etc. Sentences are separate entities and do not all connect with conjunctions such as "and." Sentences do not end with an "up" inflection unless they are questions. The language is professional; it doesn't use slang, and it uses correctness of expression.

PowerPoint: The presentation supports the main points, enhances the speaker's words, contains parallelism in writing and formatting, uses an easy-to-read font, does not use slides full of sentences, uses visuals. The presentation relfects a correctness of expression. The presentation includes a correctly formatted References page.

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...vailable to deter murder, and that is the death penalty. If murderers are sentenced to death and executed, potential murderers will think twice before killing for fear of losing their own life.)

To apply a similar style for making your own thesis statement, you can do the following,

Society should use the strongest punishment available to deter murder by way of death penalty because muderers will likely to think twice before killing someone else if they do not want to lose their own lives. (This is just an example thesis statement for you.)

You should try re-creating it by providing your own reason for why you are standing up for death penalty as deterrent.
I have just now walked you through steps onto building a strong thesis statement for the beginning part of your outline.

I. Introduction....(Thesis statement: Please view the previously stated sample thesis so that you can use it to write your own with your own reason why you chose this topic)

II. Reason #1 from chosen thesis: murderer will think twice before taking an action on a crime (this is just an example)
A. (supporting ideas)....
B. (same as above)....
C (facts and examples from research).....

III. Reason #2 from ...