Analysis of the poem "Naming of Parts"

I read this poem called "Naming of Parts" I am supposed to write a paper on a problematic moment that is in the poem and create two interpretations for that specific moment. I am having problems doing so.

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Solution Preview is great contrast? You may feel as if the poem is climaxing, which often indicates a point where there is heightened contrast or an idea is being emphasized. Reading the poem outloud helps greatly in identifying this point.
Once you have found and thought about this problematic point, consider how there might be two interpretations for the moment using the following guidlines:
1. What 2 parties/group/things are being discussed at this moment?
Is it discussing guns? Flowers? Then, consider how these points differ or contrast.
2. Consider how the whole poem would change if it was written from one perspective or another. In other words, if the poem is about war, then how would the particular moment you are describing be defined? What about if the poem was referring to nature? How would the tone or the mood of the poem differ if it was written from either of these perspectives?
3. Once you have defined the problematic moment (again, I have to assume it has not been given to you-if it has-bonus!!), you will need two or three concrete examples from the poem to back up each of your two interpretations. This ...